A husband, a wife and a dog.


PEARFACE CO is an independent unisex clothing and accessories brand specializing in small batch, oversized tees drawn and screen printed by hand in Wilmington, NC. The brand, marked by energetic lines and evocative imagery, is about boldness: the power to assert yourself, and using that power to unite people and enact positive change.

The beginnings of PEARFACE are fairly intimate, as designers Dallas and Alisha Thomas are married, and Pearface is Dallas' pet name for her. With degrees in art and design, a new mortgage in Wilmington, and a dog called Wat to support, both cut their teeth in other industries before deciding they wanted to create something wholly their own. A scribbled note of encouragement from husband to wife became the idea for their first doodle. "Nothing to worry about," written in thick black loopy script and printed upside down was an emblematic first project: the contrast between the assertive text and its tender underpinnings exemplify the Thomas' and their worldview, one that includes colorful pasts and bright futures.

From that first tee, the duo continues to draw about politics and culture, music and sports, feelings and philosophies. Dallas' background includes a focus on abstract expressionism and the Bay Area Figurative School, which both find their way into his t-shirt designs. The result is complex, intriguing, infinitely wearable. Their designs work against the notion that a graphic tee gives it all away. With PEARFACE, the graphic can be both the beginning and the end of the conversation, clothing that closes the gap between outlandish, modern street style and classic American sportswear.

Small but fast-growing, the company has become synonymous with creative, caring local talent, in an audacious style that refuses to compromise. PEARFACE keeps its eyes on its community while listening to the rest of the world, gathering all of their influences. Then PEARFACE stirs them and shakes them, and prints them on a tee.